B.E.K.K. Social Fund

One of the BEKK's goals is to encourage its members to take more active roles in the community by organizing their own new social events.  In order to achieve this goal, we are creating a Black Eagle Kennel Klub Members' Social Fund.  The BEKK will provide up to $50.00 each month to help offset the costs (of things like snacks, supplies, & rental fees) for any active* member who creates an event for the group according to the following rules:


1.  The event must be inclusive to any & all BEKK members regardless of gender, sexuality, or other factors (including personal issues).

2.  A proposal for the event must be submitted for approval to the BEKK Executive Committe by no later than the 15th of the month preceding the date of the event. (ie. by May 15th for an event scheduled for June).

3.  Only one event will be selected by the committee each month.   If no proposals are acceptable in a given month then no event will be selected.

4.  Each active BEKK member can only access the fund twice each calendar year.

5.  Receipts must be provided before the funds will be dispersed.

6.  At least 10 active* BEKK members must attend the event, including at least one of the BEKK Exec.

7.  The event must not conflict with another BEKK event.

8.  The event must not be at a business which directly competes with a current BEKK sponsor. (The Black Eagle Toronto, Pegasus, O'Grady's, Northbound Leather, The Men's Room, MyDogTag.com, or The Drink)

9.  The event must not be designed to generate a profit.

10.  Events will be selected at the discretion of the BEKK Exec. Committee based upon the event's appeal & practicality.


     *An active member will be defined as a member who participates in at least 6 official BEKK events (Pup Night, Bad Dog, Pup Social, and Sticks & Balls) per year.  


If you have an idea for a fun event then contact Canoe, Ego, or Argo for more information.