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PUP NIGHT - August Edition

The Black Eagle Kennel Klub invites you to join them for the largest monthly pup event in Canada (and one of the largest such events in the world) - Pup Night at the Black Eagle Toronto.

Established in October of 2008, this event now often draws 40 (or more) pups in gear plus a large number of handlers & spectators.

Puppy Play has been rapidly growing in popularity because of it's free-flowing, physical, and fun nature. It also can incorporate several types of role-play, wrestling, hoods, gear play, and can be used as an element in other scenes.

Come out to watch the pups play in the Eagle's main floor Play Room; or gear up/strip down and join in the fun on the play/socializing mats or fight for dominance on the wrestling mats. Experienced pups will be there to answer your questions, and Argo will be there to keep the beta dogs in line.

After the Pup Mosh we'll have some VERY hungry pups, so join the pups & handlers for some late-night eats at O'Grady's Pub, right across the street at 9:30pm.

This event is open to all pups, handlers, and spectators regardless of experience, sexual orientation, or gender. It's a great introduction to animal role-play as well as a fun way to get into domination/submission and control role play.

Extra gear is available to use and Argo & other helpful pups will show you how and where to make or find gear of your own; but keep in mind that gear and clothing are completely optional. (Hooded and masked puppies can be otherwise nude; but unhooded and unmasked puppies will be asked to cover their naughty bits and wear shoes while outside of the Pup Mosh area.)

There is NO COVER CHARGE for this event. Coats & clothing may be checked for a $2.00 fee. All funds from the coat check go directly into the BEKK account which provides an annual travel fund for the winner of the Toronto Puppy Contest and which subsidizes club activities.

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