P.A.C.K Weekend

PACK VIP Package Online Reservation Issues

Some people have apparently been having difficulty reserving their PACK Weekend VIP Passes online.

1. The website is SLOW sometimes. It may take several minutes for your order to process. Please wait for it and don't back out or refresh your screen while it's processing.

2. The charges will NOT appear right away. Again, the system is slow. You will receive a confirmation email in about an hour.

3. Orders placed online will be reprocessed manually so that there will be no shipping charges. Their system automatically adds a shipping charge and can only be over-ridden manually.

4. Don't worry if you ignored #1 and get more than one email confirming your order. Generally Northbound assumes that duplicated orders are a system error and will only process one. Just to be safe, click on the email link in your order confirmation and send them a note telling them how many packages you actually want.

5. If you find the system too frustrating then you can either visit Northbound Leather in Toronto or call them to place your order at 416.972.1037 during business hours.

In all the years we've been reserving the passes through Northbound Leather we've never had a problem we couldn't resolve. If you have any problems then please email or call Northbound and they'll fix it for you promptly.

See y’all in July!

PACK 2019 Weekend VIP Packages Now Available